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Hey there!

As you might know from my Instagram account, I spent the last 10 days on Mallorca with my bestie @ricardajocher. Good for us, the weather in our hometown Munich was terrible, always raining and very cold for september, while we were relaxing in the sun with around 26°C. It really was a great feeling to know that so many other people had to go to school or to work again because the holidays were over, and we just flew directly into the Spain late-summer, with nothing to care about but our tan.
During the outbound flight I first came up with the idea to start a blog. I thought about this a while longer but I never took it serious, I don’t know why. Writing is my passion, and I love fashion and photography, so a blog is the perfect way to combine my hobbies. As I talked about it with Rica, she liked the idea from the first moment on and encouraged me. So I had 10 days to think on how to design the layout of the website, which topics I’d like to cover and stuff like that. The first idea? Of course a blogpost about my trip to Mallorca so now I want to share some impressions with you.

The flat we stayed during our vacation was directly at the seaside with a private rocky beach and an amazing view over the sea. There also was a scenic route to go out for a jog, which was nice for me, since I’m totally into sports and love running in the morning. It’s an incredible feeling to see the beautiful sparkling ocean after struggling up a hill. The location was just too good and Rica wanted to film and photograph us in the surrounding area for her Youtube and our Instagrams. So that was my first contact with “modelling“, and even though it was only for her channel or my feed, it was a lot! of fun. Here are some of my favorite images (tell me your opinion in the comments or DM me via Instagram):

Mallorca’s main town is Palma, a beautiful city with a famous harbor for yachts and sailboats. People from all over the world come to Palma to bring their ships to anchor just because of the goodliness of the city and its port.
One thing to visit when you are in Palma is the cathedral. It is near to the sea and the downtown, and just spectacularly stunning. During summer there are evenings with concerts in front of the cathedral regularly and the building is illuminated – really breathtaking.
When you go to Palma for a shopping day, you are not able to avoid the historic district, since it is full of small boutiques and old shops in the style of the beginning of the twentieth century. With so much to see and to watch it is not unusual that you forget to buy snacks or something to drink in a supermarket and all at once you are in the middle of a beautiful maze with no idea how to get out of it.
In this case I have the perfect place for you. It’s a very hip café right next to the Placa Major and I looove its interior design. I have a proclivity for interior design anyway and this café was just gorgeous (maybe you think I exaggerate a little bit but I am really enthusiastic).Of course they had delicious food and fresh drinks also. It is called “Arabay“ and there you can buy a lot of different things for making or drinking coffee. Plus: it is really cheap in part.

Another café I can recommend is “Es Rebost“. It is close to the place where we stayed two nights in Palma so we had breakfast there. The service was nice and the food delicious. Fresh fruits, homemade pastries and tasty sandwiches are only a part of all the good things you can get there. You should definitely check it out!


Last but not least: The boating trip. Yes, you did hear right, we took a cruise, a typical tourist destination. A few days ago I would have probably said “a boat trip with other tourists? No way, only elderly and annoying people“ but how life goes, we saw a sign at a tourist office and gave it a go. Best decision ever!
Unlike my expectations it was a small boat with around 30 people. Yes, many older people and a few couples, but the atmosphere was comfortable regardless. The trip took 5 hours and cost only 25€ per person – including lunch. After one hour of sailing a deep-blue ocean we made the first stop: The island Dragonera. Visiting this place was a wonderful experience, it’s a nature reserve and thousands of dragons are living there in peace. The rocks were cluttered with these small lizards and when we stretched for them they even climbed on our hands. I’m very easy excitable and they won my heart as of the first moment.
On the island we had a 75 minutes stay. After that we sailed half an hour to the port of a small fishermen’s village where they opened the lunch buffet. While we were eating the crew started making music which was really fun, they spread good vibes. It was also possible to visit the village.
The last stop was a bay where you can only get by sea. The water was so invitingly clear that we just jumped into it, and after diving and sighting fishes we worked on our tan. This whole day on deck turned us into brownies 😉
All in all the boating trip was such a nice idea and I can just recommend it to you!  Try to overcome the prejudices (if you have any at all) and enjoy a terrific time at sea.

These were some highlights of my trip to Mallorca, and if you know any other cool spots or activities there, please let me know, I’d be tickled.

See you soon, loves!

– V

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