My week – acáo, sunglasses and what to wear this F/W


Hey, guys,

How are you doing? I hope you enjoyed the last week, Wies’n-weather is great, isn’t it? 20 degrees, sunny days – I love it. But stop, this blogpost is not about the weather – it’s about the last 7 days in my life, my new favorite accessory and fashion advices for A/W 17/18.


So, let me tell you something about my first discovery: the “acao“-drink. I know, it exists for quite some time, but I’ve never tried it until I found it in a Basic close to the Viktualienmarkt a few days ago. It seems to be very healthy, made with ecological ingredients AND it’s sooo delicious. I’m very happy that I had a taste on it because since several months I did not have anything to drink but water and smoothies. You know a smoothie tastes good, but 1. you cannot drink it everyday in my opinion, it’s just too much and 2. the good ones can be really expensive. Finally I have found an alternative for that, Lemonade or Ice-Tea is just too sweet and unhealthy for me.
And there is another point that will make most of the girls happy: it has only 18 kcal per 100 ml. Plus for those who need something arousing in the morning but don’t like coffee, the drink contains guarana, its natural caffeine wakes you up whenever you need it. Try it, I’m sure you won’t regret it!


Hmm, what’s next? Let’s talk about fashion. I have four things which you can put in every outfit this autumn and winter – you won’t do anything wrong.

First: feathers. No matter if you combine a cool sweater and jeans with a classy handbag with feathers or a statement feather-necklace with a pantsuit. This is something that gives every outfit the X factor.

Diese Diashow benötigt JavaScript.

Second: it’s all about black and white. Mixing these two immoderate colors is THE thing this season. For those who think of this as too monotonous here’s the solution: upgrade your clothes with a red piece – lipstick, handbag, scarf. Red is the absolute trend color presently, you can find it in every shop and every magazine. Don’t be afraid of wearing an eye-catcher-color like this!

I’m sure you also remember the styles from the fashion weeks half a year or a year ago – partly very masculine and androgynous. And even though it can look cool on some women, that’s not for me. So you may understand that I’m very happy to tell you: the waist is back! Every big coat has a belt on it, pants and skirts are high waisted again and also many dresses are tapered.
Female empowerment on the runway, accenting the feminine parts of a women’s body – awesome. Have a look:


And now, ladies, my favorite: gold, silver, glitter. You can find sequins on everything, handbags, party dresses, tops, there are studded boots, jackets and coats in gunmetal colors, golden nail polish. Everything for itself does really valorize an outfit. I love sequins especially on mini dresses for a night out or on a small handbag, but there are also clothes for the everyday use. Here are some of my favorite pieces:

8ad81b578da9b91004c279325fb87154--short-sequin-dress-embellished-dresse782aac510a8e7bac06b9eb7209b4d28img-thing 2

Next week I’m going to shoot some outfits for you and write a blogpost about it. If you want to see my transformations of the styles, stay tuned!


Last but not least: my new favorite accessory. I wrote this passage very spontaneously because I bought it yesterday evening. I met my boyfriend in the city centre and we went for supper to a Chinese restaurant. After that I wanted to show him a coat I saw at ZARA (I’m still thinking about whether I should buy it or not) and there I spotted such cool sunglasses. As I told you before, the glitter stuff is my favorite style this winter. So guess what kind of sunglasses I got? A black one with cool silver rivets on it. I think it’s definitely an eye-catcher and I love to combine classy looks with extravagant accessories like this. Can’t wait to style it with some new clothes! (Sun, please stay!!!)
Have a look and tell me what you think about the sunglasses via DM.

So, that’s it from me today, I hope you found some inspiration for your fall and winter outfits. Enjoy your weekend, looking forward to seeing you next Friday!


–  V

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