Outfits of the week

P1020558Hey guys,

What’s up? Even though the weather was not that great but rather changeable,  I did my best to shoot a little bit for you. As I promised, this week’s blogpost is all about my favorite outfits for this fall. (I did not have time to shoot more than 4 outfits, actually I wanted to upload 6, but there will follow another post about some other styles soon) I hope you find some inspiration!

First I show you something for a day where you feel like #allgreyeverything – the outfit includes my all-time-favorite denim jacket. It has silky loops on it which makes it real special and I’m so in love!
(You can find it on https://www.pullandbear.com/de/ ) Under the jacket I’m wearing a checkered jumpsuit from https://www.bershka.com/de/ that looks more like a dress. That’s nice for me since I use my bike almost every time I leave the house and nobody can look under a jumpsuit even when I’m riding on my bike, but it’s still looking classy in contrary of a hot-pants or something like this. The perfect complement for this outfit are my black cut-out-boots which I bought from ASOS this spring – in my opinion biker boots are timeless and fit to everything!

P1020388Version 2P1020405

The next outfit is kinda “normal“: I combined my perfect fitting light black ZARA jeans with a white shirt from na-kd (in love with this brand!). The black coat with seven-eights length sleeves is from Mango. What I like most about the outfit is the golden line on the jeans which upgrades this rather ordinary style a little bit. And again I completed the outfit with my biker boots. I think this is a perfect style for windy October days!


The last two outfits are splashes of color in this grey and black scenery.
I love it when a style is rather “normal“ but then there’s a kinda eye-catcher-piece. The light blue boyfriend jeans from ZARA with the most comfy all white Stan Smith sneakers from Adidas fit perfect to my red pullover from Sfera – I bought it in Spain, I’m not sure if there’s an online shop for Germany. But you can find red tops everywhere since it is THE trend color this year. My favorite accessories for this outfit are my black baker boy hat from ASOS which just looks so cool in my opinion and the handbag from Mango which has golden details and is mock suede.


The final style is soooo cozy. I teamed a black basic ZARA jeans with a grey knit pullover. It’s kinda plain so I wore my new fake glasses from H&M to upgrade the outfit. I don’t really know if they suit me but however – I like them. I think the blue scarf is the perfect piece for this outfit to make it look like a real style. And not to forget – the shoes are a bit older, the Adidas Gazelle in pale pink.

I hope you liked this blogpost, tell me what you think about the outfits in the comments or DM me via Instagram!

Hope to see you soon, my loves

– V

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