Friday the 13th


Hey there,
I hope you had a great week and were not too busy with uni or school stuff! My lectures are starting next week and I’m quite excited about this. (Thinking about a blogpost about my first experiences at the university – what’s your opinion? Tell me in the comments or DM me via Instagram!)


But even if I had something like a “break“ the last few months I do not feel ready for the things that are coming; attending lectures at 8 o’ clock in the morning, writing seminar papers, stuff like that. So I try to enjoy the last days in freedom as good as possible, starting today. Friday – in my opinion always nice, we’re all walking into the weekend like “Yeah, finally“ but today something was different. People were kinda curious, almost gun-shy, overcareful. And why? Because it’s the 13th of October, Friday the 13th. As I realized this I asked myself: what are the people afraid of? You know, I googled it, and there was no radical big thing in the last centuries (the Black Friday doesn’t count because the stock market crash did actually start on a Thursday). So this is all about superstition? You wake up with this feeling, thinking that today is an evil day and you’re out of luck.


“The 13th of the month… 13… Oh it’s just an unlucky number!“ That’s the opinion of so many, some airlines don’t even have a seat row with the number 13 and buildings leave out the 13th level and call it 14th. I cannot believe how a Friday (I mean, come on! Friday!!) can have such bad reputation. Stats say that on this date there are no more accidents happening than on every other day – but people believe in this thing!

So I want a change… And today I start! From now on, every Friday the 13th will be my absolute lucky day. I mean this poor one has been neglected for so long, show some compassion, guys!


And indeed, my day was quite nice: I bought some clothes and a wonderful new bag at ZARA (you can see it in the pictures), met my boyfriend for lunch, took some photos and enjoyed the sun. And in the evening there’s a birthday party – I’m really looking forward to it. ‘Cause it is just as it is… Every day is only what you make out of it! You decide about your mood, just decide to be happy and do not take something like a date as an excuse for something bad that happened – that’s life.It has it’s ups and downs. Even if there’s sometimes a day when you think that you can’t take it anymore, good times are coming. Believe in that!


Hope you survive the rest of this day, my loves!

See you next week,

– V


P.S.: I inserted some pictures of my Friday the 13th to make the blogpost look more appealing and let you have a look on how I spent my day.

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