Hello my dears,

I hope you had a relaxed weekend and are ready for the coming week. I’m sorry that I didn’t post anything on Friday like it’s my usual routine but I was pretty stressed because of some things I had to manage and I also needed some time for myself.
Sooo.. what did change last week? Well, most of you might know that the university started and in the first days I was so impressed and enthusiastic about this all – the combination of political science and law is really interesting and also important in my opinion. But in all this hubbub, getting to know new people, exploring the campus and attending lectures, I did not even realize that I just took on too much in a short period of time. You know, when I registered for the study I thought that this could be interesting but I would not take it seriously because I definitely wanted to make a gap year. I had plans to learn a new language, visit friends in different cities and countries and maybe going abroad for a month or two. And in this first week of the studies I caught myself overdoing it – I’m that kind of person, when I get something started I want to pull it through, I’m doing nothing halfway, like “go big or go home“. I should have known earlier that it would be the same with the university and at the end of the week I had to make a decision. If I began the study seriously now I wouldn’t have time for the other things I intended to do. Probably, if I don’t take the gap year now, I’ll never do it, because I’ll never be this free again.
So this is my decision: I’m waiting one year, concentrate on my blog, maybe serve an internship, go abroad, travel and enjoy life before I hurl myself into this next big chapter. I’m still registered for the study and I attend lectures whenever I want to but I don’t give myself this „you have to go there“-feeling. Now that I’ve made this choice, I’m soooo relieved and on tiptoe for this upcoming year – I’m sure that I’m going to gain new experiences and to flourish in this time.
This is all I will tell you for now even if that was not all I did this week, I also had a shooting with my boyfriend and went to a flea market event with a very nice girl I got to know at the university. A blogpost of my outfit and the things I purchased there is coming soon, so stay tuned, guys!
I know this blogpost was a very personal one and not about fashion or this kinda thing but I just wanted to let you know what’s going on in my life. Do you like this kind of blogposts? Tell me your opinion in the comments or DM me via Instagram – I’m looking forward to your answers!

Hope to see you soon, my loves!
– V

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