Flea market love


Hey, guys!

How has been your week? Mine was pretty full of appointments and a looong TO-DO-list, but today I don’t want to complain but to tell you something about one of my secret proclivities… Flea markets! Yeah, I was at a flea market event last weekend, it’s called the “fashion session“ from Munich’s “midnight bazar“.
Aaand I can tell you… I love this kind of events! I mean, why buying new clothes and stuff when you buy cool things for much less money – you protect your wallet and you protect the environment. Ok, I admit it, I love to buy something new, too, something you haven’t seen on anybody yet, to be totally in vogue. But in my opinion you should definitely have an eye on how much you spend for clothes, ‘cause there are so many more great things you can do – I try to save the money for traveling, so it’s an easy way to spent less money for the same amount of clothes. And another big advantage of flea markets: it’s so much fun to go there with a friend and to rummage for steals and beautiful things. You can find the coolest Vintage-looks there and after it you wear styles nobody else is wearing ’cause you can’t find them in any shop.
Now I want to show you some of my favorite things I bought last weekend – all in all I spent 10 € for them!

First: a lovely blouse from Massimo Dutti. The color is a delicate golden hue and it has cute buttons and a bow tie to enhance the waist. I’m so looking forward to wear it for a more elegant occasion. I also like the small embroidered flower-details.

Second: a black&white dress with polka dots. I think this is such a cute piece and it looks stylish in a second when you add biker boots or a leather jacket – so easy and so cool. (Please don’t mind the animal hair, I’m marked by this… 😦 )

Last but not least, my favorite item: the green velvet top. It has three-quarter length sleeves with volant details, I LOVE this, it looks so unusual and I think it upgrades a “normal“ outfit immediately – a black skirt and a blouse during the day, change the blouse to this top and you’re ready to go to a party! So cool…

What do you think about the clothes? And are you rather a flea market lover or are you like “naah, why should I go there? Only old stuff“? Tell me in the comments or DM me via Instagram!

Have a nice weekend, guys, hope to see you soon!


– V

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