HelloFresh review


What’s up, folks? Hope you had a nice weekend! This won’t be one of my usual blogposts, I just want to write a short review to tell you my first experiences with HelloFresh.

How I came to @hellofreshde:
My boyfriend and I were taking pictures in the city when a guy approached us – he was one of the team-members of the brand and had to make the idea palatable to the people in order to gain new customers. At first we were like “Ohh, not this again“ but when we listened to him we recognized that the idea wasn’t that bad – so we decided to give it at try.

What is @hellofreshde?
The idea is that you get a box every week with ingredients for three (or five) different meals, each two servings. So either you share the food with your partner or your roommate and have 3 tables together or you eat it all alone and have food for 6 days. The advantage is that you don’t have to buy all the stuff by yourself and the amount of ingredients is perfectly geared for every portion so you don’t have to trash something. In addition to that you try new recipes ‘cause there are new dishes on the website every week from which you can choose which one should be in your box. So you’re not at risk to eat pasta everyday which is one of my problems when I don’t have time to plan my meals for the week. Usually one box is around 42€.

Will I order something at @hellofreshde in the future?
I’m pretty sure that I won’t order my meals regularly because it’s a little bit too expensive for what they afford in my opinion – I mean there are only ingredients in the box and you still have to spend time to cook and it’s also not food for the whole week so you have to go grocery shopping anyway. But it’s definitely a cool idea when you want to discover new dishes, also from other countries, ‘cause the assortment of recipes is quite diverse. Probably I’m going to order at HelloFresh again in the future but not every week. That’s a benefit, too: When you’re registered on the website you don’t have to order every week; you can book the box every two weeks or just once per month or even only once per year – it’s up to you!

I hope this blogpost helped you to get a read, if you want to know more about HelloFresh check out their website -> https://www.hellofresh.de/tasty/kochboxen/

See you soon, my loves!



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