1 piece 3 looks: polo-neck pullover

Version 2

Hey guys,

Hope you had a great short week with nice holidays! (Even though it’s getting colder outside) Today I want to show you one of my favorite pieces this winter and three looks including it – my grey polo-neck pullover from ZARA. In my opinion it just fits to every look and it is very simple but still lovely. I also like the pearls on the sleeves which make it very cute and classy. Soooo, let’s talk about the styles.

First I want to display a more relaxed kinda outfit. In the pictures I’m wearing my blue boyfriend jeans from ZARA and in order to not getting a cold a tights under the trousers. To complete the outfit there’s my fake fur jacket which is just sooo f***ing smooth and comfy (ZARA again but from last year). And not to forget my white Stan Smiths which I can’t miss if the outfit is going to be more casual. To upgrade the style a little bit I took my lovely black fake suede bag with me, the golden details are totally awesome in my opinion.
I’m also in love with this “fake fur“ trend, I never wore any fur things unless some old stuff from my grandma or grandpa, so I never bought something new ‘cause I didn’t want to support this cruel procedure. What do you think about fake fur?

Coming to the second outfit: I love to wear this style for a cold winter night-out with friends, the skirt from H&M is very cool and sexy in one in my opinion. It’s not too short but still showing some “skin“ and I looove the patterns and the cute buckle-detail. To complement the look I’m wearing the black ZARA biker jacket I bought last year but I think it’s still available in the shops, also in other colors. Of course the handbag is also in on it again. And for not getting cold feet – black biker boots from Panama Jack. You see there: black is always a good choice!


P1030453Version 2P1030442P1030476P1030468

Last but not least, the sweater in a combination with my new winter favorite, a silver fake down jacket, that is a total eye-catcher. When you wear the jacket you feel like nobody can ever hurt you ‘cause you’re sooo fluffy. Even though some people don’t like this style when the figure is kinda hid I think it’s a good diversion from form-fitting outfits. In addition to that I’m wearing my black ZARA jeans and the Panama Jacks again.


I hope you like my outfits and I could give you some inspiration for the cold days!
What do you think about the blogpost? I’d love to get some feedback, also tell me if you have any suggestions and ideas for topics.

I wish you a nice weekend and I hope to see you soon, my loves!

– V

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