My week: new discoveries and favorite outfit


Hey, my loves! How has been your week? I hope you’re all happy about the fact that it’s Friday finally. Aaaand, of course, there’s a new blogpost – this week it’s about some new discoveries and my favorite outfit of the week.
Soo, where should I start? BEAUTY.
I went to DM on Monday and I don’t think that I have much to say – it’s heaven and hell all in one. You can spend hours checking out the new products, go to the cash desk with a big bag full of stuff and in the end you buy things you don’t even use that much or you already have. We all know that but it’s just so damn alluring. Well this time my DM visit was quite successful. I was fast (I swear!) and I got four new things I never tried out before and I’m really delighted – it all works for me and I love these products!

First: The „Black Head Peel Off Mask“ from Yeauty.
Maybe the most of you tried it out before, it was a big thing last year on the web, but I never really dared to use it ‘cause it looks a bit scary. It’s a cream you put on the problem areas of your face, then you wait half an hour, pull it off and: your skin is soooo smooth, soft and clean. You even see the awful substance that was in your face – quite disgusting but it works, so… Have you also experiences with this kinda masks?

Next, a new body lotion. I’ve been in love with treacle moon for quite some time, I buy a new hand cream perceived every week and there it is – my new crush: the „exotic lychee sorbet“, looks as sweet as it feels. It moisturizes the skin, and this is so important especially during the cold times when the skin is dry. Also it dissolves fast, you don’t have an annoying film of oil on your skin. And what’s the best of treacle moon, they use no silicons and such things and don’t do animal testing. Love it!

Then, also for the winter, I have something for the people whose hands are as parched and wrinkled as mine: a hand mask from alverde. You put in on your hands in the evening and sleep with it – during the night the cream helps the skin to regenerate and moisturizes. Try it, it’s no big effort and you won’t regret it!

Last but not least a soft-peeling from Sante that contains Aloe-Vera and Chia-oil. I use a peeling once a week and I’m so excited about this one. It purges so good and clears the skin from old cells which lets you look fresh after it. Like alverde this brand uses only natural ingredients, too – that’s pretty important in my opinion!

You can shop all these products in every DM subsidiary or in the online-shop: (this is not an ad)

Now to this week’s favorite outfit:
I went for it at ZARA again, one of my weaknesses… You know, it’s a love-hate-situation between this brand and me. Even if you can snatch cool offers sometimes you can also be at 120€ for two things quickly. Maybe there are some of you who can afford this but I’m a poor student, haha. So I don’t go there often, except when it’s Sale…
Whatever, I did it, and I purchased two lovely new things – a cool checkered blazer (you know I’m in love with chequers currently) and an all black skinny jeans with silver buttons instead of a zipper – in my opinion it’s a total eye-catcher.
For the outfit I combined these two with a top from H&M and a lovely coat from ASOS. Chequers over chequers may be a bit crazy but who cares? In addition to that I wore cool socks with mesh from ONYGO and my white Adidas sneakers (never gonna stop loving them – you know there are Superstar-people and there are Stan Smith-people? Which kind are you?)

You can shop the look here:

That’s it from me for today but you can look forward to my next posts, the coming weeks are going to get exciting! I’m so happy about two cooperations I will present you in the next time, and I’m also decorating my room, when I’ve finished I’ll show you my interior. Plus: for those who plan to search for a new job or want to do an internship I will post some tips for job interviews.
Sooo, stay tuned, my loves! If you have any suggestions for other writing ideas I’d be pleased to hear them.
How did you like this blogpost? Leave me a comment or DM me, I’d love to get some feedback!

Hope to see you soon, guys!


– V

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