how to: job interview


Hey folks,

How are you? Hope you had a great weekend so that you can start in the new week motivated. Since I had a (successful) job interview last week and maybe some of you are also searching for a new job or an internship I thought that you may be interested in some things that helped me.
So here are my 4 tips for passing job interviews.

  1. First impression: Next to things like punctuality, being dressed appropriately and don’t appearing with a hangover or a smell of booze, which should be evident, there are some more things you should keep in mind for the first encounter.
    From the first moment on the employer is your host, he decides weather he greets you with a handshake or not or where you can leave your coat. Don’t skip him, wait for his instructions without acting impatient or smitten. But don’t stand in the corner like a shy child, you have to strike a balance – it’s always good to be confident but not conceited.
  2. Preparation – knowledge about the company: When you want to be well-prepared you have to inform yourself about the corporation. What are the fields of action, which values are represented by it and what would you have to do in the position you are applying for. It’s not necessary that you bring this knowledge up in the conversation because for the employer it’s more interesting when you talk about yourself, he already knows the company, but it would be more than embarrassing when you have no clue about this all and the personnel manager finds it out.
  3. Talking about your strengths and weaknesses: In the job interview there will come the moment where the employer asks you about your fortes and flaws. It’s not always the simple question “What are your fortes and flaws?“, more often it’s a subtle implication that you now have to be honest or that he is interested in the things you liked of your previous colleagues and if you bring these features with you. Definitely you should prepare for this part of the conversation.
    Strengths: Don’t be modest and don’t exaggerate – again it’s about striking a balance. I think you should name three fortes you actually have, don’t make anything up, stay honest. Of course it’s perfect if the fortes are ones that you can install in your potential work.
    Weaknesses: Even if you should sincere the job interview is not a confession! Name around two authentic flaws that don’t except the position your applying for. And don’t say something like “Ohh, I’m such a perfectionist, that’s one of my biggest flaws.“ Employers have heard things like this way too often and won’t take you seriously in the future. It’s better to name two real flaws at first and then how you work on them. For example: “I’m very nervous when I have to present something in front of many people but I realized that it helps me to hold the presentation in front of my friends and family at first.“ The personnel manager will like your honesty and you’re taky from the moment on.
  4. To know what you want: When you have convinced the employer that you’re a good catch it’s about to know your own value. Tell him what kind of work you are up to and what you don’t want to do nowise. And have the courage to tell yourself “No, I consider myself too good for this.“ Know your price.

I hope these tips help you in the future! Do you like this kind of blogpost? Tell me your opinion in the comments or DM me, I’m up to anything.

See you soon, guys!


– V

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